Best Concrete Contractor Depew NY 2023

Are you dreaming of a stunning new driveway or eye-catching decorative concrete for your property? The search for the perfect concrete contractor Depew NY can be overwhelming, but worry not! This comprehensive guide will help you find the top concrete contractors, understand the various services they offer, and arm you with valuable tips for hiring the right professional for your project.

Key Takeaways

  • Depew, NY offers experienced and highly rated concrete contractors for reliable services.

  • Verify a contractor’s licensing and insurance before hiring them to perform work on your property.

  • Consult with local professionals for customized residential driveway installation, commercial sidewalk repair or back patio transformation projects.

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Top Concrete Contractors in Depew, NY

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Securing the best concrete contractor for your project is the key to obtaining outstanding results. In Depew, NY, top-rated concrete contractor Premier Concrete& Landscapes is known for their expertise in pour concrete projects.

Placing trust in local businesses with strong BBB ratings and positive reviews ensures your project will be handled competently.

Locally Owned and Operated

Choosing a locally owned and operated concrete contractor comes with numerous advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • Heightened understanding of local building codes and regulations

  • Access to a seasoned and informed team of professionals

  • Familiarity with the area and a better understanding of the local climate and soil conditions

This knowledge is invaluable in ensuring your project’s success.

Furthermore, it’s essential to verify the contractor’s licensing and insurance to confirm they are qualified and legally permitted to carry out tasks like foundation repair. It also guarantees that the contractor has adequate insurance coverage in the event of any accidents or damages that may occur during the project, safeguarding your peace of mind and investment.

BBB Rating and Reviews

Assessing a concrete contractor’s BBB ratings and customer reviews should be part of your selection process. These reviews provide unbiased insight into the contractor’s services, aiding in your decision-making process. Angi, a comprehensive review system that evaluates contractors based on:

  • price

  • quality

  • timeliness

  • responsiveness

  • feedback

is an excellent resource to consult when researching concrete contractors. With over 2,111 reviews recorded by homeowners on Angi for concrete repair contractors, you’ll have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Reviewing BBB ratings and customer feedback helps confirm the contractor’s skills, experience, and reputation for delivering quality work and superior customer service.

Types of Concrete Services Offered

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Depew, NY contractors offer a diverse range of concrete services, such as driveway construction and repair, decorative concrete solutions, and garage floors and basement flooring.

Getting acquainted with the array of available construction services aids in determining the most suitable contractor for your project’s specific needs and requirements.

Driveway Construction and Repair

Constructing and repairing concrete driveways, as well as considering a driveway extension, involves a series of steps, including excavating the area, laying a base layer of gravel, and pouring and finishing the concrete. A well-installed driveway not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also offers durability and longevity, making it a valuable investment.

When requesting a bid from a driveway contractor, ensure the quote includes:

  • An outline of the work required

  • The materials necessary

  • An estimated timeline for the project

  • The associated cost

Evaluating bids from multiple contractors allows you to make a well-informed decision, ensuring you choose the most suitable professional for your driveway construction or repair.

Decorative Concrete Solutions

Decorative concrete solutions offer a unique way to aesthetically enhance the appearance of your home or business. Options such as:

  • Stamped concrete

  • Stained concrete

  • Exposed aggregate

  • Colored concrete

can transform your property’s concrete surfaces into stunning works of art.

When choosing a floor sealer, epoxy is often the preferred choice for high-traffic areas or applications requiring minimal maintenance. However, concrete stain can also be used to showcase the textures of the concrete while providing a rapid application process. Consult with a local concrete contractor to help select the most suitable floor sealer for your specific needs and environment.

Garage Floors and Basement Flooring

Concrete garage floors and basement flooring offer durability, ease of maintenance, and the potential for decorative finishes. Services provided by Depew, NY contractors include concrete floor leveling, concrete floor resurfacing, and epoxy floor coating for a durable and stylish garage floor finish.

With the right contractor, you can transform your garage or basement into a functional and attractive space with Frank’s Basement Systems.

Tips for Hiring a Concrete Contractor

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The success of your project hinges on hiring a dependable and professional concrete contractor. Consider verifying their licensing and insurance, requesting a free estimate, and checking references and past projects.

Adhering to these guidelines will empower you to confidently choose the ideal contractor for your concrete requirements.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

Before engaging a concrete contractor, verification of their licensing and insurance is a must to ensure they are capable and legally sanctioned to execute the task. This includes confirming their general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and any other applicable licenses or certifications.

To verify a contractor’s licensing and insurance, request copies of their insurance certificates and licenses, then contact the appropriate state or local agencies to confirm the validity of the documents. This step will protect you from potential liabilities and ensure that your project is in capable hands.

Request a Free Estimate

When contacting local concrete contractors, be sure to request a free estimate based on square foot pricing. This allows you to compare quotes from at least three professionals who are in good standing and have positive customer reviews.

Provide the necessary details about your project when requesting a free estimate, such as the type of concrete work needed, the size of the area, and any specific requirements. The contractor will then arrange a visit to assess the project and provide an estimate based on the scope of work.

When reviewing the estimate, ensure it includes the cost of materials, labor, and any other fees, and feel free to ask any questions that may arise.

Request an Estimate

Check References and Past Projects

Examining references and past projects of prospective concrete contractors is crucial to ensure they possess the requisite experience and skills to carry out your project. Gauging the caliber of the contractor’s work, their dependability, and trustworthiness, as well as understanding the average price for similar projects, is essential for making an informed decision.

Request photos or videos of the contractor’s past projects, or visit the sites of the previously completed projects to observe the work firsthand. In addition, review any complaints filed against the contractor, as well as any positive reviews, to gain a comprehensive understanding of their reputation.

Concrete Maintenance and Resurfacing

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Maintenance and resurfacing are instrumental in preserving the prime appearance and functionality of your concrete surfaces. This includes routine cleaning and sealing, repairing any cracks or damage, and exploring various resurfacing options.

Maintaining a thorough upkeep plan prolongs the lifespan of your concrete surfaces and ensures their optimal appearance.

Routine Cleaning and Sealing

Regular cleaning and sealing of your concrete surfaces offer protection from damage caused by weather, chemicals, and other environmental factors, as well as maintaining a clean and attractive aesthetic. Common cleaning tasks for concrete involve:

  • Scrubbing to remove stains

  • Removing loose dirt and debris

  • Spot treating stains

  • Utilizing various cleaning solutions

  • Cleaning polished concrete floors

Sealing your concrete surfaces is equally important, as it provides an additional layer of protection against wear and tear. Some viable options for sealing concrete surfaces include:

  • Epoxy

  • Acrylic

  • Polishes

  • Acrylic-resin sealers

  • Reactive penetrating sealers

Epoxy is the preferred choice for high-traffic areas or applications requiring minimal maintenance.

Repairing Cracks and Damage

Addressing cracks and damages in your concrete surfaces is essential to halt further degradation and uphold the structural integrity of your property. Common repair tasks for concrete cracks include:

  • Epoxy injection

  • Routing and sealing

  • Grouting

  • Stitching

  • Drilling and plugging

  • Filling the surface of the crack

Promptly attending to cracks and damage can help dodge more extensive and expensive repairs later on. If you’re unsure of the best approach for repairing your concrete surfaces, consult a professional concrete contractor in Depew, NY, for expert advice and assistance.

Resurfacing Options

Resurfacing your concrete surfaces can breathe new life into your property, enhancing both its appearance and structural integrity. Commonly used resurfacing options include:

  • Concrete resurfacers

  • Polyurea coating

  • Epoxy coating

  • Acrylic coating

  • Concrete overlays

Each resurfacing option offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Here are some examples:

  • Concrete resurfacers provide a quick installation process and improved durability at a cost-effective price.

  • Epoxy coatings offer enhanced durability and protection but at a higher cost.

  • Polyurea coatings also offer enhanced durability and protection but at a higher cost.

Consult with a concrete contractor to determine the most suitable resurfacing option for your specific needs.

Recent Concrete Projects in Depew, NY

Recent concrete projects completed by Depew, NY contractors include:

  • Construction of new sidewalks on S. Bellview Avenue in the Village of Depew

  • Roadway rehabilitation

  • Depew Union Free School District Capital Improvement Project

These projects showcase the contractors’ expertise and commitment to quality work, as they have demonstrated their ability to handle a diverse range of projects with skill and professionalism.

Their work has been praised by local officials and residents alike, and the contractors have earned a reputation

Residential Driveway Installation

One recent project completed by a skilled concrete contractor in Depew, NY, involved the installation of a residential driveway. The contractor excavated the area, laid a base layer of gravel, and poured and finished the concrete, resulting in a stunning and long-lasting driveway that enhanced the property’s curb appeal.

When homeowners enlist a professional concrete contractor for residential driveway installation, they benefit from:

  • A durable, appealing driveway that enhances their property’s look and value

  • A wide range of services available, including standard and decorative concrete driveway installations

  • Contractors who can cater to every homeowner’s unique needs and preferences

Commercial Sidewalk Repair

Commercial sidewalk repair is another essential service offered by concrete contractors in Depew, NY. Ensuring that sidewalks are well-maintained and free from hazards not only improves the appearance of a property but also enhances safety for pedestrians and visitors.

Engaging a professional concrete contractor for commercial sidewalk repair allows property owners to benefit from enhanced visual appeal, improved safety, and prevent potential expensive repairs in the future.

Back Patio Transformation

A back patio transformation project completed by a skilled concrete contractor in Depew, NY, highlights the creative possibilities of decorative concrete solutions. The project included the installation of a stamped concrete patio, a decorative concrete walkway, and a concrete driveway, resulting in a stunning outdoor living space that seamlessly blended aesthetics and functionality.

Hiring a professional concrete contractor to transform a back patio enables homeowners to create an attractive, functional outdoor space that adds value to their property.


In conclusion, finding the right concrete contractor in Depew, NY, is crucial to ensure the best results for your project. By focusing on local businesses with stellar BBB ratings and reviews, exploring the various services offered, and following crucial tips for hiring a professional contractor, you can confidently select the best professional for your concrete needs. With proper maintenance and resurfacing, your concrete surfaces will continue to look great and serve you well for years to come. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect concrete contractor today and bring your dream project to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a top concrete contractor in Depew?

Premier Concrete & Landscapes of WNY.

What services do concrete contractors in Depew, NY offer?

Concrete contractors in Depew, NY offer services including driveway construction and repair, decorative concrete solutions, and garage and basement flooring.

How can I verify the licensing and insurance of a concrete contractor?

Verify the licensing and insurance of a concrete contractor by requesting copies of their certificates and licenses, and confirming their validity with state or local agencies.

What are some decorative concrete solutions available?

Decorative concrete solutions such as stamped, stained, exposed aggregate and colored concrete are available to enhance your property’s look.

What is the process of constructing and repairing concrete driveways?

Constructing and repairing concrete driveways requires excavation of the area, laying of a gravel base layer, and pouring and finishing of the concrete.